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The "Adrift" Story

About 200 million years ago (give or take) all of the earth's continents were squished together as one super-continent. In 1910, it was named Pangaea (all earth) by German scientist Alfred Wegener. A person could have walked from South America into Africa or from Africa into Australia.

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Today, our land masses continue to drift, sometimes with dramatic consequences. Man has only drifted upon these continents for a few million years and likewise, his drifting has also resulted in many ugly events.

Will a time ever come, when we all drift together instead of into each other?

The poem, "A man Adrift on a Slim Spar", by Stephen Crane also provided inspiration for this piece. The first lines read...

A man adrift on a slim spar
A horizon smaller than the rim of a bottle.
Tented waves rearing lashy dark points
The near whine of froth in circles.
God is cold.


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