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The "Prosperity" Story

In Chinese communities around the world, eight is considered the most fortuitous of numbers, making it much coveted for addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts. It foreshadows prosperity and brings added confidence. The phonetic sound of eight in the Cantonese and Mandarin languages is also similar to the word for prosperity.

Telephone area codes with an eight in them are also very popular with the Chinese community. Monterey, California uses the 818 area code, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the only city in the continental U.S. with an Asian majority.

Another example… Sichuan Airlines, a Chinese company paid $280,000 in an auction for the telephone number, 8888 8888.

A Goggle search will give you many more examples.

I guess I am blessed. I live at 738 and both of my vehicles have 8’s in their license plate numbers.


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