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The "Persistence" Story

Inspiration for this piece came from several sources. The M. C. Escher painting, "Ants", which displays ants matching around a mobius strip, played a role. A wonderful little book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who Moved my Cheese?, provided the biggest motivation. Johnsonís book explores the way that different personalities cope with "change". Itís a best-selling "business" book and I whole-heartedly recommend it, although some people donít care for it at all. Thereís also a Benjamin Franklin quote, "Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Even though the "cheese" appears to be out of reach on the other side, it is easily obtainable because of the twisting mobius shape; just follow the surface.

Everyone is looking for their "cheese" in one form or another; if it could only be this easy to find.

For those unfamiliar with the mobius shape, it is quite intriguing. Essentially, itís a loop with a twist. Because of the twist, the surface and the edge are continuous. If you trace a surface or an edge around the form two times, you will return to your starting point; therefore there is only one surface and one edge.


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