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The "Gabriel's Dilemma" Story

The name refers to the teaching that the archangel Gabriel will blow a horn (Gabriel’s Horn) to announce Judgment Day,

To read about Gabriel, here is a link:


Gabriel's Horn is normally seen as a long skinny trumpet. It is also known as Torricelli’s Trumpet after the Italian mathematician who explored the unique properties of the shape.

Specs: 18" tall, 151 rings (151 just happens to be a "lucky" prime number), mostly kingwood, with a few segments of Brazilian tulipwood scattered about, 12 segments per ring. Gabon ebony was used at each end of the horn. 1812 total pieces of wood (reference to the 1812 Overture). All the ring surfaces were "turned" prior to assembly. The outside was initially turned as a series of cone cylinders; the rings were temporarily held together with small pieces of double-sided tape and held on the lathe between centers. Then the insides of all of the rings were individually turned to a consistent ¼" wall thickness before the rings were tapered to achieve the twisted shape. This resulted in smooth surfaces which only required minimal sanding after assembly. The inside was sanded as it was put together. Finished with General Finishes Seal-a-Cell and Satin Top Coat.


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