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The "Neighbors" Story

This is another "orderly tangle". The configuration was inspired by the work of Alan Holden; he included a 1/2" dowel model in a book that he wrote in 1984.

Six pentagon-shaped rings, each one passing through the other five in a weave-like pattern. The resulting assembly produces 12 pentagon-shaped openings, each surrounded by five different colored woods. 20 triangular openings are also produced. If any one section fails, then the whole tangle loses its solidarity.

There are 12,000 individual pieces of wood. Each piece represents one year of manís effort to improve his existence since the end of the last ice age. In some areas, we have a long way to go.

The woods are: European beech (the common wood throughout), Texas ebony (black), bloodwood (red), yellowheart (yellow), walnut (brown), and holly (white). There are approximately 38 linear feet of tubular construction (1200 small rings of 10 pieces per ring).


Malcolm Tibbetts, 738 Modesto Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 malcolm@tahoeturner.com ©2004