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The "Galactic Journey" Story

This "tangle" celebrates "Spaceship Earth’s" never-ending journey through the cosmos. As our planet and its adjoining heavenly bodies careen through space, its rotational axis does not remain uniform. Like a rotating toy top, the direction of our axis has a slow wobble - a very slow wobble. A complete journey through the galaxy requires about 25,920 earth years or what is referred to as a "Great Year" and during that trip our axis only aligns perfectly with the center of the Milky Way twice (every 12,960 years) - quite a rare event. Over the years, astrologers have made many predictions and assigned much significance to this special alignment event. The coming of the next magical alignment is soon and it announces the "Age of Aquarius" - supposedly to be a period of true enlightenment, because of our axis alignment with the center of the Milky Way.

Will the Aquarian "light" saves us?

This "tangle" is comprised of 12,960 pieces of wood. Each multi-curved pentagon-shaped ring is comprised of 180 small rings (to do a 180 is to turn things around). Each small ring is made of 12 segments (representing the 12 ages of the Zodiac) for a total of 2160 pieces in each large ring (representing 2160 years, one Zodiac "age").

For more information about this fascinating subject, I recommend the book, "Galactic Alignment" by John Jenkins or you can do some "Google" searching.


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