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The "Guardian" Story

As with several of my larger sculptural pieces, this features a numeral. The number seven is represented throughout. The number 7 seemed appropriate because the piece resides near a casino.

What appear to be seven spiraling ridges is actually just one continuous ridge which makes seven revolutions before returning to its starting point – a mobius if you will.

Seven types of wood – canarywood and purpleheart, with small pieces of bloodwood, blue mahoe, Texas ebony, yellowheart, and holly.

There are 3196 individual pieces of wood, which just happens to be as close as I could get to “7x7.7x7.7x7.7” (seven sevens).

A crosscut of the donut reveals a seven-pointed star (a heptagram) which is a traditional symbol for warding off evil. Most American sheriff's badges are heptagrams - hence the title, “Guardian”.


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