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Smile on Your Brother

The title comes from a song in the ‘60’s, an anthem for peace and love called “Get Together”. The song has quite an interesting history as it was recorded by quite a few artists. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a Wikipedia listing:

"Get Together"

Construction Description:

Two 13” diameter donut shapes, each comprised of 50 “ribbon rings”. Each ribbon ring is constructed using the components of five small (1.25” dia) stave-constructed cylinders, 500 individual cylinders, each made from five staves. After turning the small cylinders, they were cut apart into 144-degree and 216-degree sections (2 stave and 3 stave sections). By reversing the position of the 2-stave sections each s-shaped section then equated to a net of 72-degrees; five of those made up the necessary 360-degrees for each ribbon ring. The ribbon rings were then tapered to 3.6-degrees on each side, so they could be assembled into the donut shapes. There are five tiny dowels (total of 500 round toothpicks) holding each ribbon ring to its neighbor with epoxy. Part of the overall challenge was to have the cross-section diameters of the donuts match the internal openings so that the two donuts would fit together snugly.
The five woods are: ebony (black), maple (white), walnut (brown), yellowheart, and lyptus (reddish pink) – 2,500 total pieces. Finished with Deft gloss followed by Deft satin before pinning the rings together.


Malcolm Tibbetts, 738 Modesto Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 malcolm@tahoeturner.com ©2004