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Below, you will find my first video making effort. This is not a conventional "how to" video, but it gives a pretty good overview of basic segmented turning. Enjoy:

This video promotes the AAW. It was put together by videographer Phil Pratt.

I have also posted a few magazine articles which are available for download (scroll down). The articles are in PDF format, so you will need the "free" Adobe Reader program installed on your computer. If you need Adobe Reader, it's available at http://www.adobe.com/

Coffee Mug with Style
American Woodturner, Winter, 2007

If Trees Could Talk
American Woodturner, Summer, 2008

Twisted Possibilities
American Woodturner, Summer, 2007

Pen Blank Bowl
Woodturning Design, Winter, 2006

Lamination Trickery
Woodturning Design, Summer, 2005

Demonstration Handout

Managing the Vessel Base
Segmented Woodturner's Newletter
April, 2010

Creating a Floating Base
Segmented Woodturner's Newletter
April, 2010

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